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Kubu Crafts Ltd are manufacturers and retailers of high quality household, business, and lodge furniture & items, combined with the
best of arts, crafts, and gifts from both Zambia and the region.

11264985_767579530007998_4829130012176067153_nTHE START

The Company was started by Lucy Renew and Roelf Bosman in 1997 with furnishing and decorating up-market lodges along the Upper Zambezi River, from a small workshop, employing 3 carpenters and two finishers.


From 1997 to 2003, the business was run from a small workshop in Livingstone, using tools, which were inherited, from Lucy’s father’s extensive home woodwork workshop.

With the opening of 3 stores in Livingstone, and the main store at Manda Hill Centre Lusaka, the workshop has now evolved into a very modern workshop with sophisticated
woodworking machines for maximum quality and efficiency. Goods are transported by road weekly from Livingstone to Lusaka.



With extensive and ongoing assistance from International volunteer organizations such as P.U.M, I.E.S.C and P.S.D.P, the quality and efficiency has been upgraded to International export standards. The workshop is based in Livingstone.



We are working closely with the Danish Organization Danida and P.U.M., in a program aimed at bringing in expert instructors from the Netherlands, to train the lecturers at the technicons, who will in turn further train our staff at all levels of furniture manufacture at the use of all the new machinery introduced in the last year.



As a result of the much-improved production, Kubu Crafts are able to meet custom orders deadlines more accurately, and have a larger range of ready-to purchase stock on the floor.



Kubu Crafts are export-ready, and participate in export programmes such as Aid to Artisans, and are developing a steady export client base. The expertise of one of IESC’s timber technology advisors visits has been very instrumental in preparing us for the process of exporting timber furniture professionally.



We work mostly with indigenous teak & rosewood, sourced from environmentally responsible and licensed lumber suppliers in the Southern Province region, which Kubu Crafts cut and dry themselves in solar kilns. Timber is treated to eliminate borer infestation before drying and production. Everything possible is done to ensure the stability and protection of furniture items, and clients are
encouraged to understand that timber is ever-changing according to temperature and humidity levels.


An extensive catalog is set up for viewing the entire product catalog on computer display screen at our stores. Knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you through the catalog and assist you with ordering the furniture of your choice.
Procurement officers of diplomatic missions have the opportunity to order furniture in advance of their destined arrival, through their
copies of the catalog. Completion time for orders ranges from 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the type and quantity of items.  Furniture carries a guarantee against product faults of manufacture.



Kubu Crafts are committed to the introduction of new products, services and processes to gain competitive advantage and create value for all our clients.