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FUR.TAB.smSIDE.89 Steffens side table




FUR.TAB.smSIDE.49B with brass knocker



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.86 2-Drawer side table


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.85 Small thick laminated side table



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.84 Side table lockable door




FUR.TAB.smSIDE.83 Stepped base side table


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.81 Turned legs and Slats





FUR.TAB.smSIDE.80 Turned legs and block feature




FUR.TAB.smSIDE.79 Carved Congo legs


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.78B Plain legs


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.78 Carved Diamond legs



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.77 Carved lines on leg v2



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.76 Shaped legs painted



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.74 8 legged occasional side table


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.73 Inverted Palm occasional side table




FUR TAB sm tab 79 Congo carved legs


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.72 River Club Colonial side table v2



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.71 Plain side table with 1 row blocks

FUR.TAB.smSIDE.70 Plain side table with drawer & Shelf

FUR.TAB.smSIDE.68 Slatted side table


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.66 Plain small side table



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.65 Steel Siankaba


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.64 Double block feature




FUR.TAB.smSIDE.62 v2 Small Laminated With block feature

FUR.TAB.smSIDE.61 Small Laminated



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.60 Simple Sun Int





FUR.TAB.smSIDE.59 v2 Side table with side racks


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.58 Ball feet





FUR.TAB.smSIDE.56 Mary Beth


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.54 v2Charls tall block feature



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.53 Glass top with slats



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.52 Royal











FUR.TAB.smSIDE.46 1-drawer block feature




FUR.TAB.smSIDE.45B V2 3-drawer block feature flat base


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.45 3-drawer block feature


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.44 marbletop





FUR.TAB.smSIDE.43 Square marbletop





FUR.TAB.smSIDE.42 Steel trim




FUR.TAB.smSIDE.41 Set 2 nested tables







FUR.TAB.smSIDE.38 Zimbali turned sidev legs




FUR.TAB.smSIDE.37 Steel and teak side v Tonga



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.36 3-drawer John Airy



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.35 Craig Storkey 2block




..FUR.TAB.smSIDE.33 Michelle Air


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.31 Small with slatted bottom


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.28 Carved corners




FUR.TAB.smSIDE.27 Mesh front View4



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.26 Slatted sides



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.25 Copy Erica’s scallops

FUR.TAB.smSIDE.23 Simple Nat Mystic



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.22 Steel zig-zag trim Lobengula




FUR.TAB.smSIDE.21 Collapsable Magazine rack



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.20 Large Side tables colonial DIANE BOUCHARD



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.18 Romantic scalloped low


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.16B no shelf



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.16 Shaped legs,no lip




FUR.TAB.smSIDE.15 Shaped legsView2



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.14 Round colonial Siankaba 2


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.13 Round colonial Siankaba





FUR.TAB.smSIDE.11 Slatted side detail View2


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.10 Basic no frills Nyala lodge



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.09 Tall simple one shelf



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.08 Neat one drawer & 1 shelf



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.05B Solid Panelled trim




FUR.TAB.smSIDE.05 Solid Panelled



FUR.TAB.smSIDE.04 Zen 2-drawer side table


../images/FUR.TAB.smSIDE.03B Steel trim.jpg




FUR.TAB.smSIDE.03 One drawer, shelf and cupboard


FUR.TAB.smSIDE.03 One drawer, shelf and cupboard




FUR.TAB.smSIDE.01 Mesh front r View2