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FUR.TAB.COFFEE.57 Mulenga oval coffee table



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.55 Ndlovu Coffee table



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.51Coffee table block


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.48B Large glass top coffee table square legs


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.50 Ikea coffee table .lower slats



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.49 Small glass top coffee table



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.47B Small log slab coffee tablev3



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.47 Small log slice coffee table


462 x 1200 x 800mm

FUR.TAB.COFFEE.45 Lg coffee table with slats


462 x 1500 x 900 mm
FUR.TAB.COFFEE.44 Lg solid coffee table


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.43 6 Inch log slab v2


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.42 Long narrow log slab ted steel frame


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.41 Long narrow log slab Laminated leg


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.38 Low round diamond coffee table teak


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.40 Med diamond painted


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.39 Tonga shaped leg low coffee table painted

FUR.TAB.COFFEE.38 Low round diamond coffee table painted


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.02 Large solid lower shelf


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.03 Double sided on wheels


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.04 Scalloped coffee table


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.05 Glass-top simple 5mm glass View2


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.06 Glass-top cabinet table



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.07 IKEA Simple slatted sides


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.09 Med-sized slatted shelf


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.10B Lg Siankaba



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.11 Med-sized glass and slats.



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.12 Smallish glass-top



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.13 Glass centre




FUR.TAB.COFFEE.14 River Club Colonial



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.15 Slatinac rounded edges



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.16 colonial legs side



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.17 curved legs







FUR.TAB.COFFEE.22 Lg cabinet coffee table


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.23 Low lg Ikea coffee table mukwa



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.24 Low square Ikea coffee table


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.25 Long Coffee table



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.29 Simple laminated top


FUR.TAB.COFFEE.30 Laminated colonial



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.31 Solid with lower slates. Stained



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.32 Small solid with lower slates. Stained




FUR.TAB.COFFEE.33 Ironwood slab one off



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.34 River Club Coffee table



FUR.TAB.COFFEE.01 Large Coffee table lower slats